#SDG16Now Campaign

Unite for Peaceful, Just & Inclusive Societies

#SDG16Now is a global civil society campaign to support accelerated action towards SDG16+ around peaceful, just and inclusive societies. At the halfway point to the 2030 delivery date for the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda, governments and the international community must seize upcoming opportunities (including the Summit of the Future, World Social Summit and Financing for Development Conference) to reinvigorate commitments and financing for SDG16+, to bring progress towards the SDGs back on track.

Act Now for SDG16+! Agissez maintenant pour l'ODD 16+! ¡Actúa ya por el ODS16+! Действуйте сейчас для SDG16+! 现在就为SDG16+采取行动! اعمل الآن من أجل SDG16 +!
Act Now for SDG16+! Agissez maintenant pour l'ODD 16+! ¡Actúa ya por el ODS16+! Действуйте сейчас для SDG16+! 现在就为SDG16+采取行动! اعمل الآن من أجل SDG16 +!

Why SDG16+?

The world faces a convergence of global crises around good governance, armed conflict and impunity for human rights violations. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – which commits states to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity- recognizes that there can be no sustainable development without peace and no peace without sustainable development. Goal 16 of the SDGs (SDG16+) represents the world’s most ambitious plan to address conflict, corruption and closing civic space through fostering more peaceful, just and inclusive societies.

Why the #SDG16Now Campaign?

Overall, the global community is behind schedule on achieving the SDG’s ambitious targets, including SDG16+.  As we approach the halfway point of the 2030 Agenda, the world faces the pressing reality that, in many countries and communities, progress towards sustainable development is backsliding.  In September 2023, the UN will host a global UN SDG Summit, which will provide a crucial opportunity for a broad range of SDG16+ stakeholders to advocate for renewed commitments, increased resourcing and civil society space to advance SDG16+ in advance of and during the SDG Summit.

What We’re Calling For

Mobilize Transformative Commitments for SDG16+

Governments and all stakeholders must make specific and transformative commitments to advancing SDG16+ at the 2023 SDG Summit and other key moments, and ensure follow-up and accountability to these commitments #Commitments4SDG16Now

Strengthen and Catalyze Robust Financing for SDG16+

Governments, International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and donors must scale up investments in SDG16+ at all levels, including through additional support for civil society and grassroots communities

Recognize and Harness the Indispensable Role of Civil Society for SDG16+’

Civil society must be recognized as a critical component in advancing SDG16+ and the 2030 Agenda at all levels, including through robust participation and engagement around the 2023 SDG Summit and beyond

Campaign Objectives

Whether you are a civil society organization, state, UN agency, business or philanthropic group the #SDG16Now Campaign presents various options to ensure that the September 2023 Sustainable Development Goals Summit represents a catalyzing moment to realize the development and human rights aspirations enshrined in SDG16+. Explore the below opportunities to advocate, connect and mobilize for transformative commitments and renewed resourcing for SDG16+.


To mobilize civil society and all stakeholders to publicly call for transformative action on SDG16+

  • Support the Global Day of SDG16+ Action to publicly express your support for accelerated action on SDG16+
  • Join the SDG Summit Peoples Rally at UN Headquarters
  • Support the SDG16+ Commitment Conference
  • Join the call for CSO access and participation at the SDG Summit
  • Become an #SDG16Now Campaign Champion

2. Advocate

To advocate for governments to commit to accelerated action and additional
resourcing to realize SDG 16+ at all levels

  • Sign the global civil society petition calling for accelerated action and resourcing to realize SDG16+
  • Join a virtual consultation with UN and government stakeholders on advancing SDG16+
  • Issue a joint letter to your government on accelerating action on SDG16+
  • Host a national multi-stakeholder consultation on accelerating action on SDG16+
  • Endorse the Rome Civil Society Declaration on SDG16+
  • Share your advocacy asks around SDG16+
  • Express your support for SDG16+, civil society and #SDG16Now on social media

3. Connect

To connect civil society to key global processes and national stakeholders, and showcase the leadership role of civil society in advancing SDG16

  • Complete and share the Global SDG16+ Survey
  • Make a commitment to accelerate action on SDG16+
  • Access regular #SDG16Now Campaign updates
  • Join the TAP Network and the TAP Mobilization and Advocacy Working Group
  • Showcase your organization’s activities or work in the SDG16+ Campaign Calendar

Join the #SDG16Now Campaign Community

Join a growing community of partners engaging in activities to advance SDG16+

Showcase your work for SDG16+

All around the world, people are taking a leadership role in acting for #SDG16Now. Show your commitment by telling us what you’re doing in your community to foster more peaceful, just and inclusive societies to become a part of the action!

Campaign Calendar

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Global SDG16+ Survey

Share your insights around progress towards SDG16+ in your own contexts through the Global SDG16+ Survey. This survey is intended to collect reflections and insights from any interested stakeholder working to advance SDG16+ on Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies. Collective reflections from this survey will be featured in the TAP Network’s “Halfway to 2030 Report on SDG16+ and other key moments related to the #SDG16Now Campaign


Global SDG16+ Survey - Reflecting on SDG16+ Progress at Halfway Point to 2030

Fill the Survey


Encuesta Global SDG16+ - Reflexión sobre el progreso de SDG16+ a la mitad del camino hacia 2030
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Enquête mondiale sur l'ODD16+ - Réflexion sur les progrès de l'ODD16+ à mi-parcours jusqu'en 2030
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المسح العالمي SDG16 + - التفكير في SDG16 + التقدم في منتصف الطريق حتى عام 2030

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Campaign Partners

The #SDG16Now Campaign includes a wide range of civil society partners from around the world working to advance SDG16+.

TAP Network

The Transparency, Accountability, and Participation (TAP) Network is a broad international coalition of civil society organizations (CSOs) working together to advance SDG16+ to promote peace, justice, and inclusive societies, and to help enhance accountability for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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