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The #SDG16Now Campaign is a joint effort of the SDG16+ community, including civil society, the UN, Governments and the private sector, to advocate for and deliver robust commitments to accelerate action on SDG16+. Within the Campaign structure exists several shared and democratic spaces where civil society groups and leading experts can come together to develop joint approaches to advance SDG16+ through advocacy, mobilization and connecting. We are proud to count the below organizations as part of the #SDG16Now Campaign.

The #SDG16Now Campaign Thematic Cluster Co-Leads

The Campaign Coordination Group (comprised of the thematic cluster co-leads) serves as the primary touchpoint for relevant campaign activities. It provides strategic advice through reviewing relevant campaign milestones and actions. The group also assesses the trajectory of the campaign by engaging in semi-regular reviews of the campaign.

Campaign Advisory Committee:

The Committee serves as the primary body mandated to guide and advise the #SDG16Now Campaign’s work on international, regional, and national advocacy opportunities. Throughout 2024 & 2025 there will be a number of critical opportunities to evaluate and accelerate progress towards achieving SDG16+, which calls on all countries to promote peaceful societies, provide access to justice and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions. Under the auspices of the #SDG16Now Campaign, the Transparency, Accountability and Participation (TAP) Network - an international coalition of civil society organisations working to help realise the human rights and development aspirations enshrined in SDG16+ - and its key partners, will provide curated spaces for a broad range of SDG16+ Champions to advocate for renewed commitments, increased resourcing and civil society space to advance SDG16+. The Advisory Committee will contribute substantively to identifying campaign priorities and opportunities for engagement at regional and national levels, while also supporting campaign activities.

Interested in joining the Advisory Committee? We are now accepting applications.

Campaign Champions:

Campaign Champions: Campaign Champions are all non-civil society stakeholders, including government, private sector, UN and philanthropic actors which commit to supporting and advocating for the Campaign Principles. You can find and support the full campaign principles here. Please reach out to Campaign Coordinator Tor Hodenfield ([email protected]) if you are interested in becoming a Campaign Champion.

Campaign Supporters:

Campaign Supporters are civil society organizations which partner with TAP in the implementation of the campaign activities and objectives. See a full list of activities and register yourself as a Campaign Supporter through the form here.

TAP Network

Transparency, Accountability, and Participation (TAP) Network and its partners have created the #SDG16Now Campaign to mobilize broadly and inclusively around SDG16+ to help ensure that these critical issues are high on the agenda for governments and world leaders around these critical moments ahead.

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