#SDG16Now Engagement Toolkit

Whether you are a civil society organization, government representative, UN agency, business or philanthropic group, you can use the #SDG16Now Campaign toolkit to join the movement to realize the development and human rights aspirations enshrined in SDG16+. Explore the below opportunities to advocate, connect and mobilize for transformative commitments and renewed resourcing for SDG16+.

There are three main ways to engage with the #SDG16Now Campaign. You can either help to:

1. MobilizeĀ support in your communities, organizations, and online

2.Ā AdvocateĀ for action on SDG 16 and disseminate campaign priorities

3.Ā Connect with the community and showcase the leadership role of civil society

Click through each tab (“mobilize”, “advocate”, and “connect”)Ā based on your organizationā€™s expertise and interests.

Support the Global Day of SDG16+ Action to publicly express your support for accelerated action on SDG16+

Join the SDG Summit Peoples Rally at UN Headquarters

Support the SDG16+ Commitment Conference

Join the call for CSO access and participation at the SDG Summit

Become a #SDG16Now Campaign Champion

Join the #SDG16Now Campaign Community

Join the TAP Network

Sign the global civil society petition calling for accelerated action and resourcing to realize SDG16+

Join a virtual consultation with UN and government stakeholders on advancing SDG16+

Host a national multi-stakeholder consultation on accelerating action on SDG16+

Issue a joint letter to your government on accelerating action on SDG16+

Endorse the Rome Civil Society Declaration on SDG16+

Share your advocacy asks around SDG16+

Express your support for SDG16+, civil society and #SDG16Now on social media

Co-host a national consultation with civil society and national government stakeholders calling for renewed commitment on SDG16+

Complete and share the Global SDG16+ Survey

Make a commitment to accelerate action on SDG16+

Showcase your organizationā€™s activities or work in the SDG16+ Campaign Calendar

Share a video showcasing your work for the 2023 Voices of SDG16+ Campaign

Access regular #SDG16Now Campaign updates

Join the TAP Network and the TAP Mobilization and Advocacy Working Group

Add an event