at the 2024 HLPF

At the 2024 High-level Political Forum, SDG 16 will be under thematic review. See below for our Information and Engagement toolkit, including the “16 Days for SDG16” guide to mobilize and advocate while amplifying the thematic priorities across the campaign’s clusters: Peace, Justice, Inclusion, and Interlinkages & Financing.

Explore the opportunities below, and if you are planning to attend the HLPF, let us know here!

Explore the 16 Days for #SDG16 Toolkit!

Spanning form 27 June  through 12 July, the “16 Days for SDG16” is an engagement and mobilization campaign to amplify the campaign’s key priorities and build momentum around the 2024 High-level Political Forum and the thematic review of SDG16. Take part in the campaign through any of the daily engagement opportunities–both virtual and in-person for colleagues at the HLPF and beyond. Join us for just one day or all sixteen–there are no small contributions to this collective effort!

How to Engage with the #SDG16Now Campaign at the HLPF

16 Days for SDG16 Campaign

This toolkit provides suggested actions to join our voices and collectively mobilize for the #SDG16Now Campaign.

HLPF Information Toolkit & Events Calendar

We have pulled together an information toolkit to provide you an overview of the official HLPF, events that we are hosting as the TAP Network & SDG16Now Campaign, and a list of all relevant SDG16 events hosted by partners.

11 July Day of Action & 12 July #SDG16Now Side Event

If you aren't able to participate in the full 16 Days for SDG16 Campaign, don't miss the engagement opportunities on 11 & 12 July.

11 July: Day of Action for SDG16 & Strategy Luncheon

12 July: #SDG16Now Side Event & launch of the thematic priorities

National Engagement

In addition to mobilizing at the global level, the #SDG16Now Campaign will also look to leverage and mobilize the extensive and far-ranging reach and impact of civil society partners at the regional, national and local levels. Recognizing that real action and change happens at the national and local levels, the campaign will provide opportunities for engagement that allow for key partners to contribute to advancing campaign objectives in their own contexts and localities.

Follow Us & Our Partners at the HLPF

Join the #SDG16Now Campaign and our partners during the HLPF for SDG16+ related events.  Spotlight your own event on the engagement calendar through the link below.

Join the #SDG16Now Campaign

Join a growing community of partners engaging in activities to advance SDG16+

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