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The #SDG16Now Campaign is a global movement working towards accelerating action on SDG16 of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - promoting peaceful, just, and inclusive societies. Whether you work for a civil society organization, international organization, government or other key "champion" of SDG16+, we all have a role to play in advancing SDG16+!

Who can support

The #SDG16Now Campaign provides a number of opportunities for all stakeholders, at the national and international level, including civil society, intergovernmental bodies, academia, UN Member States, philanthropic foundations and the private sector, to support the realization of the human rights and development aspirations enshrined in SDG16+.

How to engage

Through the #SDG16Now Campaign you can help raise awareness about the importance of SDG16+, advocate for targeted commitments and renewed financing that promotes peace and justice and take action to share your contributions to advancing SDG16+. Join us today and become a part of the movement towards a better world for all!

Civil Society? Become a Campaign "Partner"

To become a Campaign Supporter, you can:
  • Issue a joint letter to national government authorities calling for accelerated action on SDG16+
  • Participate in and/or lead a thematic cluster on peace, justice, inclusion, institutions, or interlinkages & financing
  • Co-host a national consultation with civil society and national government stakeholders calling for renewed commitment on SDG16+
  • Showcase your organizationā€™s activities or work in the SDG16+ campaign calendar
  • Endorse the global civil society petition calling for accelerated action and resourcing to realize SDG16+
  • Advocate for wider CSO access and participation at the SDG Summit and other relevant intergovernmental processes
  • Join a virtual consultation between Civil and UN and government stakeholders on accelerating action on SDG16+
  • Make a commitment to accelerate action on SDG16+
  • Endorse the 2023 Rome Civil Society Declaration on SDG16+
  • Complete and share the Global SDG16+ Survey

Other Stakeholder? Become a Campaign "Champion"

To become a Campaign Champion you can:
  • Make a commitment to SDG16+, articulating how and why your organization is a Champion for SDG16+ (To be highlighted on SDG16Now website & social channels)
  • Support the Campaign in engaging amongst key champions and in recruiting other like minded actors to join as fellow championsĀ 
  • Co-host an event, or support the SDG16Now Campaign in securing an event space for official side events in the margins of high-level UN eventsĀ 
  • Provide financial support for the #SDG16Now Campaign in any capacity to support coordination and mobilization activities or provide in-kind or voluntary support for campaign activities (communications, research, fundraising, design, media outreach, translation, event support, etc.)
  • Integrate key messages from the campaign into statements, sign-on to support event specific calls-to-action, and/or publicly advocate for wider CSO access and participation in relevant intergovernmental processes
  • Co-host a national consultation with civil society and national government stakeholders calling for renewed commitment on SDG16+

Take Action for #SDG16Now

The current moment presents a critical opportunity for the international community to catalyze further action on SDG16+ and the 2030 Agenda. The #SDG16Now Campaign and our partners will engage extensively around around key moments each year. Find out more about how you can engage with and support the #SDG16Now Campaign's mobilization and activities.

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