Share your work, lessons learned, best practices and engagement opportunities to accelerate learning and sharing on SDG16+ amongst civil society

Complete and share the Global SDG16+ Survey

This survey is intended to collect reflections and insights from any interested stakeholder working to advance SDG16+ on Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies. This survey is broken up into two parts. The first page of this survey is intended to collect perceptions of progress towards SDG16+ at the national and global levels, and should take 2-3 minutes to complete. The second page is intended to collect perceptions on key challenges around SDG16+, along with collecting concrete recommendations from civil society for strengthening SDG16+ implementation going forward, and should take roughly 8-12 minutes to complete. The inputs into this survey will feed into: 1) The TAP Network’s “Halfway to 2030 Report on SDG16+”; 2) The 2023 Rome Civil Society Declaration on SDG16+ and 3) A Policy Brief on “SDG16+: Peace, Justice, Anti-corruption and Civic Space” for C20 inputs for the India G20 Summit in September 2023.

When: The final deadline to contribute to TAP Network’s “Halfway to 2030 Report on SDG16+” and a Policy Brief on “SDG16+: Peace, Justice, Anti-corruption and Civic Space” for C20 inputs for the India G20 Summit in September 2023 is 31 May 2023.  The survey will remain open throughout 2023 to contribute to other advocacy documents and publications.

Who: Any interested stakeholders.

Make a commitment to accelerate action on SDG16+

In the lead-up to the SDG Summit, TAP will continue to call for civil society organizations working around SDG16+ to share “commitments” outlining their work to advance SDG16+, collecting them on TAP’s newly revamped TAP Network Partner Action Platform. This Partner Action Platform provides an online portal for showcasing the great work of individual organizations around SDG16+, and highlighting opportunities for sharing, learning and collaboration across TAP’s diverse membership. Additionally, the platform serves as an advocacy opportunity by showing to governments the leading role that civil society is taking to advance SDG16+, making the argument that as duty-bearers of the 2030 Agenda, governments need to commit to more ambitious and concrete action towards SDG16+.

  1. Showcase an individual action on our #SDG16Now Action Map on the Campaign website homepage
  2. Outline and register your organization’s commitment through the TAP Partner Application.  Learn more here.
  3. Share the opportunity to register and feature commitments to SDG16+  social media.

 When: Share your commitment at the earliest possible opportunity from May to September 2023.

Where: Civil society groups from any country in the world.

Who: Any civil society can share commitments.

Showcase your organization’s activities or work in the SDG16+ Campaign calendar

To coordinate and strengthen our joint activities, events or work on SDG16+ in the lead up to the SDG Summit in September, we have created an online #SDG16Now Campaign calendar.

Submit your organizations activities or work on our #SDG16Now Campaign calendar here.

When: The calendar will stay open and updated throughout 2023.

Where: Find the calendar on our campaign website here.

Who: All SDG16+ stakeholders are invited to submit events, activities and more to the calendar.  Submissions will be reviewed before being posted to the calendar website.

Share a video showcasing your work for the 2023 Voices of SDG16+ Campaign

Voices of SDG16+: Stories of Global Action is a collaborative campaign to bring the work of civil society on SDG16+ to the global level of work around the United Nations. Individuals and partners from around the world will have the opportunity to submit short videos telling their “stories” of best practices and extraordinary efforts being undertaken towards SDG16+ at the national and local levels.

Express your interest using the Activities Interest Form here.

Learn more and make a submission to the campaign when it comes time here.

When: The 2023 Voices of SDG16+ Campaign will launch late May 2023.

Where: The 2023 Voices of SDG16+ Campaign is global video competition that invites submissions from organizations based anywhere in the world.  The 2023 annual event will take place in a virtual setting.

Who: Any civil society organization working on issues related to SDG16+ is invited to submit a video to the campaign.

Gain access to regular #SDG16Now Campaign updates

Under the auspices of the SDG16#Now Campaign, a range of stakeholders, including TAP Members and Partners, civil society, UN, government, philanthropic and private sector stakeholders will be engaging in a broad range of activities and sharing opportunities for engagement. By signing up for the #SDG16Now Campaign Community, you will receive up-to-date information on forthcoming moments and opportunities to support accelerated action on SDG16+.

When: Sign up at your earliest possible opportunity and you will receive our by-weekly campaign updates.

Where: A bi-weekly newsletter sent directly via email.

Who: Any interested stakeholders.

Join the TAP Network and the TAP Mobilization and Advocacy Working Group

Leveraging the recently created TAP Advocacy and Mobilization Working Group where interested civil society from across the globe can come together to develop joint international and national advocacy strategies, we will bring together a diverse range of CSOs representing a range of issues and areas. In particular the Working Group will:

1) Provide a platform to ensure that CSO activities on SDG16+ are aligned and complementary;

2) Develop, reflect and refine our approach to encouraging governments to reference the importance of advancing SDG16+ with a focus on increased resourcing and accelerating SDG16+ action; and

3) Curate approaches to ensure robust civil society participation in the SDG Summit. The Working Group will host structured monthly calls where working group members will provide vital intelligence about SDG16+ developments and assess the trajectory of international and national campaign activities. We will further create a dedicated listserv where a broad scope of CSOs can share information and solicit support.

When: Join the Working Group at your earliest opportunity. In addition to hosting monthly coordination calls, you will receive regular updates on the SDG16+ opportunities and entry points via email.

Where: Regular coordination calls will be hosted virtually for all interested Working Group Members and Partners.

Who: Any TAP Member and Partner can join the Working Group.

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